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Academic Development


Academic development is a key element of the professional role of faculty, and a vital component of the academic culture of UMFK.

Purpose of the Committee

  • To promote the academic development of faculty in the areas of teaching, scholarship, research, and community service, which is consistent with the mission of UMFK as related to quality education; and
  • To recommend the resources needed to academic development


The administration at UMFK allocates a budget ($28,500 for FY16) each year to the Academic Development Committee.


The committee supports the academic development of faculty in the following ways:

  • Each semester 30% will be allocated, please keep in mind that the new fiscal year begins July 1 so any activities before July 1 come from the current fiscal year and activities after July 1 are budgeted in the new fiscal budget.
  • A 10% reserve will be held by the Academic Development Committee for academic contingencies
  • Applications will be reviewed with two deadlines for each semester. The second deadline is used for any funds that haven't been disbursed:
    • Summer: February 1 (May 15 for second deadline)
    • Fall: March 15 (October 1 for second deadline)
    • Spring: November 15 (January 20 for second deadline)
  • Proposals will be funded in whole or in part, depending on availability of funds. Partially funded projects may receive additional funds, not to exceed original proposed amounts, should any monies become available, for example, unused funds.
  • The fund is available to all full-time faculty members who submit a project proposal. Faculty on campus will be given priority consideration over those on sabbatical or on educational leaves.
  • The fund is available to support transportation only, for faculty members pursing post-graduate studies in their respective disciplines.
  • The committee is composed of divisional members.
  • A chairperson will be selected by the committee from amongst its members.
  • A quorum shall consist of 3/5 of the members in attendance.
  • The committee uses established criteria to review applications and to make its recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • A written report of the committee's decision will be kept on file.
  • Completed applications must be submitted to the office of Academic Affairs.
  • The Vice President for Academic Affairs office notifies the applicants in writing of the final decision.

Sample Projects

The fund can be used to attend or present at conferences, workshops, and professional meetings; as well as course development and field trips. The fund can also be used for support while completing research or writing related to the professional discipline of the faculty member.


The following criteria will be used in consideration of all submitted applications:

  1. Priority consideration will be given to applications that are most likely to benefit the multiple interests of the following constituents:
    1. Individual faculty member
    2. Campus
    3. Academic community
    4. Profession
    5. Students
    6. Strategic plan
    7. Public at large
  2. If all things are equal, applicants who have not received funding more recently than others will be given priority consideration.

Academic Development Fund Application Form