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Bachelor of Arts in English

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Student Learning Outcomes

Students who have completed a B.A. in English will be able to:

  1. Provide evidence of competencies in critical reading, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and written and verbal communication through successful completion of a senior electronic portfolio and assessment;
  2. Demonstrate an expertise in interpreting, critiquing, and appreciating a variety of literary texts;
  3. Contribute to academic discourse, and display refined communicative and critical thinking skills;
  4. Develop a professional attitude towards literary studies including the ability to apply various theoretical approaches to a variety of texts. In doing so, students should demonstrate an awareness of the worldviews of various human cultures and historical eras considered by literary studies;
  5. Create documents that are appropriately addressed to the intended audience, and which utilize appropriate rhetorical strategies, grammar, and mechanics;
  6. Demonstrate familiarity with current research technologies and resources and the ability to appropriately document researched materials;
  7. Demonstrate familiarity with major literary periods, works, authors, terminology, critical theories, and issues in the field of literary studies; and
  8. Competitively apply to graduate or professional schools, teaching positions, or other professions with the analytical and critical skills developed in the course of literary studies.