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Daniel Rafford

Daniel Rafford

Current English Student

The biggest reason I chose UMFK, at the time, anyway, was that the campus is close enough to my family without being “too” close. I stay here because I feel that the quality of what I'm getting here in terms of education is worth the price of admission.

As an aspiring author, while I am learning how to write, the problem is that I don't know what to do with the works I've completed after they're done. If you want to write and/or teach it, like I do, then you have to devote yourself to it. If that means forgoing the odd party or two, in spite of the fact that you might enjoy them, you have to do what you need to. You not only have to want it, you have to crave it.

As soon as I get a book written, which is something that I am working on in the interim of all of my classes and such, then publish it. Beyond that, I plan on going into education as well. Beyond even THAT, I plan on cultivating as many skills as I can and learning as much as I can to further enrich my written works.