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Program Requirements - Secondary Education: Mathematics

Disclaimer: The list below provides an example of requirements & suggested course sequencing for new students. Actual program requirements will vary depending on the date of enrollment in the program. Please consult the appropriate catalog for official degree/program requirements.

Students that are interested in becoming a high school mathematics teacher will complete:

  • General Education Requirements for a Bachelor degree
  • Mathematics core
  • Secondary Educational Core Courses

Required Math Courses

CRN Course Name Credits
MAT 128 College Algebra 3 credits
MAT 180 Finite Mathematics I: Logic 3 credits
MAT 255 Calculus I 4 credits
MAT 256 Calculus II 4 credits
MAT 280 Finite Mathematics II: Linear Models 3 credits
MAT 290 Geometry 3 credits
MAT 350 History of Mathematics 3 credits
MAT 351 Statistics I 3 credits
MAT 352 Statistics II 3 credits
MAT 357 Abstract Algebra 3 credits
MAT 370 Calculus III 4 credits
Total 36 credits

Secondary Education Core Courses

CRN Course Name Credits
EDU 302 Classroom Assessment 3 credits
EDU 303 Education of Exceptional Children 3 credits
EDU 303L Special Education Lab 1 credit
EDU 335 Technology in Education 3 credits
EDU 335L School Technology Lab 1 credit
EDU 339 Classroom Management 3 credits
EDU 358 Secondary Methods I 3 credits
EDU 358L Secondary Methods I Lab 1 credit
EDU 359 Secondary Educational Methods II 3 credits
EDU 359L Secondary Methods II Lab 1 credit
EDU 401 Education Psychology 3 credits
EDU 401L Classroom Management Lab 1 credit
EDU/SED 403 Intervention Strategies 3 credits
EDU 403L Intervention Strategies Lab 1 credit
EDU 454 Reading & Writing Across the Secondary Curriculum 3 credits
EDU 454L Content Literacy Lab 1 credit
EDU 477 Multicultural Curriculum Design 3 credits
EDU 406 Student Teaching* 12 credits
Total 49 credits

*Student Teaching Requirements

  1. Completion of required math courses
  2. Completion of Required Secondary Education Core Courses
  3. Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  4. A minimum grade of “C” in all of the education courses and at least 24 hours in the content area
  5. Successful completion of the Core Academic Skills for Educators Praxis exam (required prior to Education coursework)
  6. Successful completion of the Praxis II exam
  7. During student teaching, finalize portfolio with mentor teachers