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Program Requirements

Disclaimer: The list below provides an example of requirements & suggested course sequencing for new students. Actual program requirements will vary depending on the date of enrollment in the program. Please consult the appropriate catalog for official degree/program requirements.

Upper Level Elementary Education Required Courses*

CRN Course Name Credits
EDU 302 Classroom Assessment 3 credits
EDU 303 Educating Exceptional Child 3 credits
EDU 303L Exceptional Child Lab 1 credit
EDU 335 Technology in Education 3 credits
EDU 335L School Technology Lab 1 credit
EDU 401 Educational Psychology 3 credits
EDU 401L Classroom Management Lab 1 credit
EDU 403 Intervention Strategies 3 credits
EDU 403L Intervention Strategies Lab 1 credit
EDU 411 Teaching of Social Studies 3 credits
EDU 412 Teaching of Mathematics 3 credits
EDU 412L Math Manipulatives Lab 1 credit
EDU 415 Teaching of Science 3 credits
EDU 415L Integrated Conent Lab 1 credits
EDU 451 Teaching of Reading 3 credits
EDU 451L Reading Strategies Lab 1 credit
EDU 463 Writing for Elementary Teachers 3 credits
EDU 463L Writing Strategies Lab 1 credit
EDU 477 Multicultural Curriculum Design 3 credits
EDU 406 Student Teaching** 12 credits
Total 53 credits

*A minimum grade of "C" is required in all courses of the Education Major.

Required Support Courses

CRN Course Name Credits
MAT 200 Structures of Math I 3 credits
MAT 201 Structures of Math II 3 credits
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits

Student Teaching Requirements

**Students apply to the Director of Student Teaching during the semester prior to the student teaching assignment. Course work is not permitted during student teaching without permission of the Education Division. At the time of student teaching assignment, students must have:

  1. Completed and defended a General Education portfolio for the Bachelor of Science Degree
  2. Completed the upper level Elementary Education courses with a minimum grade of “C” and includes documented 280 hours of pre-student teaching practicum
  3. Successfully completed Praxis II exams
  4. Maintained a Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  5. Prepared to defend with mentor teachers a professional education portfolio based on the 11 Common Core Teaching Standards.