Conservation Law Enforcement

Mission & Vision

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Vision Statement

The Conservation Law Enforcement program at UMFK is a four year, Bachelor of Science degree program. This interdisciplinary degree program has two professional specializations: Wildlife Conservation and Law Enforcement. The primary focus of this program is skill based and is designed to prepare graduates to qualify for entry-level positions that emphasize both conservation law enforcement and wildlife conservation. Sustainable management of wildlife resources by private and public sectors, as well as the enforcement of these resources, requires knowledgeable and technically competent people. The Conservation Law Enforcement Program is designed to provide students with both the technical skills and knowledge base for natural resources and law enforcement professionals.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Conservation Law Enforcement program at UMFK to meet UMFK’s strategic goal of meeting the educational needs for our region and to help to address the need for conservationists and law enforcement professionals in Maine and beyond. Secondly, to raise awareness and student interests in sustainability and protection of our valuable natural resources.

Program Goals

  1. Provide a broad, skill enhanced educational program that fully prepares students for professional, career path employment;
  2. Graduate skilled entry-level wildlife technician and conservation law enforcement officers who will function as professionals in the field;
  3. Provide the only dedicated, skills based, wildlife conservation and law enforcement degree program at a Maine public university;
  4. Meet Maine’s need for educated and qualified candidates for both wildlife technicians in the state and the Maine Warden service;
  5. Meet federal needs for educated and qualified candidates for Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Marine Patrol and other related fields.