Conservation Law Enforcement

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Program Requirements

Disclaimer: The list below provides an example of requirements & suggested course sequencing for new students. Actual program requirements will vary depending on the date of enrollment in the program. Please consult the appropriate catalog for official degree/program requirements.

CRN Course Name Credits
CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Law 3 credits
CRJ 108 Constitutional Law 3 credits
CRJ 215 Principles of Investigations 3 credits
CRJ 242 Wildlife Forensics 3 credits
CRJ 346 Environmental Law 3 credits
ENV 302 Wildlife Conservation Management 4 credits
  Required Support Courses With Advisor's Approval* 9 credits
Total 28 credits

*Recommended BIO, ENV or FOR electives

Recommended Electives

CRN Course Name Credits
CRJ 222 Criminalistics 3 credits
ENV 334 Wildlife Science 4 credits
GEO 280 GIS Applications I OR  
    PSA 122     GIS/GPS for Law Enforcement 4 credits
BIO 100 General Biology 4 credits