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Jake Paris

Jake Paris

Current Conservation Law Enforcement Student

I chose UMFK because of my major. UMFK is 1 out of 8 Conservation Law Enforcement programs in the nation. I also come from a very urban background and UMFK is the complete opposite.

The program is absolutely taking me down my preferred career path. I’m in my last year and I've gained an enormous amount of knowledge on law enforcement; from processing a scene, gathering evidence, learning how to interview people, to applying the Constitution to law enforcement. 

I learned that it is very important not to assume information from what you hear from others. There might be more than what is said. 

My future is becoming more apparent to me. I’m planning on moving to Maine or New Hampshire and becoming state police officer for at least two years. Then move to the Warden Service and carrying on with my life as a game warden.