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Scott Tawes

Scott Tawes

Lieutenant, Federal Bureau of Prisons

I chose UMFK because I was looking for a small college/university that I would be able to obtain a quality education and not be lost in the masses at a large college/university. During the college tour I knew this was the University that would be the most successful in my pursuit to a high-quality education. I chose Criminal Justice major do to wanting to pursue a career in Law Enforcement and after reviewing the curriculum, I knew the classes I would take would provide me the best education and hands on experience I would need to succeed in a Law Enforcement career.

During my two years at UMFK I obtained a high-quality education and earned my Associates degree in Criminal Justice. Throughout the years since I have graduated, I have utilized the knowledge I have learned to succeed in my Law Enforcement career. Professor Darrell Ouellette utilized his knowledge with Law Enforcement which provided such a positive learning experience that I have been able use what was taught throughout the years. Professor Ouellette utilized a hands-on teaching approach which provided a real-life experience that solidified that I wished to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.

During my time attending classes the hands-on experience was the most beneficial education I received. A career is in Law enforcement changes on a daily basis and the answer may not always be in a book. Professor Ouellette’s classes touched on so many different topics but some that I remember were casting a footprint in class, processing a crime scene, collecting evidence, going to the Augusta Crime Lab to learn what their role is processing evidence etc. UMFK Criminal Justice program is fantastic program that will provide you vital knowledge for those wishing to pursue a career in Law Enforcement, be it either a Police Officer or Corrections Officer.

Currently I am Lieutenant with the Federal Bureau of Prisons at Federal Correctional Institution Berlin, NH. I started my career September 2007 as a Correctional Officer at FCI Fort Dix in New Jersey. During my 12 years in Corrections I moved to Berlin, NH, joined FCI Berlin as a Corrections Officer and in 2014 was promoted to Lieutenant.

I do wish to say thank you to the educators at UMFK, and a special thank you to Professor Darrell Ouellette for the amazing experience I had when I attended UMFK.