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Leroy McKenzie

Leroy McKenzie

Former Computer Applications Student

I grew up in the area and the first thing I did when I graduated high school was run away to southern Maine to go to school.  I decided to come back to northern Maine and chose UMFK because not only was Fort Kent home, but the campus felt like home.  The atmosphere in Fort Kent is unlike anything I’ve ever seen throughout all my military travels.  The genuine kind-heartedness and spirit of this town filters into everything that exists here.  

I had a choice between another school close by and UMFK, and the choice was easy.  The faculty and staff are one of a kind.  I felt that the computer program that I was entering would not only prepare me for my future but help to ensure that I get exactly what I have put into my education and then some.   I have not met a faculty member not willing to take an extra 15 minutes to make sure I understand exactly what I am learning and why I am learning it.  To me, that itself is priceless.

In all my Computer Science classes, one thing stands out more than I would have ever expected.  It feels like everyone is part of a little “family”.  You always hear good mornings, hellos, or see that smile that fills the classroom with joy.  The fact that people from all over the world can come together in these classrooms, at this little university, surrounded by this little community speaks volumes.  These characteristics are exactly why my wife and I feel this is the best place to raise our daughter.

Next year I plan to start taking my certification exams so they will all be completed when I graduate. After I graduate, I plan to work as a Network / Systems Administrator.