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Careers in Geographic Information Systems

Most "GIS Users" are in various professions that use GIS as a required analytical or investigative tool. Such professions include business management, criminal justice, forestry, wildlife biology, and the environmental sciences, to name a few.

However, GIS can be a very exciting career field in itself. GIS is a rapidly developing segment of the economy and is the largest area of growth in electronic commerce (Longley, et. al. 2001). GIS is a newly emerging field that is providing a wealth of opportunities for people with the proper training. Students of GIS easily can find starting positions with government agencies or private firms. Individuals with greater experience can attain very attractive salaries and can find interesting and exciting careers.

Many of our graduates are working GIS professionals. They work for a number of private companies such as the James Sewell Company of Old Town, Maine and for land management companies in Maine. Others work for government agencies. One of our graduates is a planning consultant for Northern Maine Development Commission. Another works for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Also, The State of Maine Office of GIS always has entry-level openings for people with GIS skills.