Computer Applications

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Student Learning Outcomes

UMFK Computer Science Concentration graduates will be able to:

  1. Describe the technical aspects of computers and their impact upon society;
  2. Effectively program in depth in at least one high-level programming language;
  3. Function individually, or as a member of a project team, to achieve specific computer based outcomes;
  4. Effectively function in all stages of the systems development life cycle;
  5. Describe computer hardware control logic and trouble shoot microarchitecture design issues;
  6. Demonstrate effective communication and management skills to achieve specific computer-based outcomes;
  7. Describe the intricacies involved in the completion of projects/experiences within their own area of concentration;
  8. Analyze, synthesize and generate knowledge in their chosen course of study;
  9. Effectively communicate ideas and present results in their area of concentration.