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Information Security Minor

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One of the most pressing concerns facing our information age society today is the security of information assets. The Information Security minor prepares students to better understand, prevent, mitigate and respond to threats to information security.  Students are introduced to basic Information Security concepts, current issues and approaches to Information Assurance/Security.

Minor Requirements

CRN Course Name Credits
COS 206 Introduction to Information Security 3 credits
COS 338 Introduction to Networking 3 credits
COS 354 Network Security 4 credits
Select one of the following: 3-4 credits
COS/PSA 413 Computer Forensics and Investigations  
COS 430 Cryptography  
Select one of the following: 3 credits
COS 374 Operating Systems Security  
COS 440 Cyber Defense  
  COS/ELC/PSA Elective 3 credits
Total 19-20 credits