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University Catalog

University of Maine at Fort Kent • 23 University Drive, Fort Kent, ME 04743

Forensic Science Minor

The Forensic Science Minor offers the student the opportunity to explore and develop an interest in forensic science. Students pursuing a career in criminal justice or public safety will find that a forensic science background will be an invaluable asset in field operations and career advancement. (In planning your general education requirements, it is highly recommended that BIO 130 Introduction to Biotechnology or CHY 100 Chemistry I, or both, be taken in preparation for the Forensic Science minor).

Minor Requirements

CRN Course Name Credits
CRJ 326 Introduction to Forensic Science 3 credits
CRJ 215 Principles of Investigations 3 credits
CRJ 220 Forensics of Death Investigation 3 credits
PSA 332 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology 3 credits
Select two of the following:
CRJ 108 Constitutional Law 3 credits
CRJ 222 Criminalistics 3 credits
PSA 242 Wildlife Forensics 3 credits
PSA 319  Interviewing in Modern Policing 3 credits
PSA 419 Case Preparation and Resolution 3 credits
Total 18 credits


NOTE: Nursing students who have taken NUR301, NUR309, and HLT386 will be awarded 3 credits towards the required 6 credit electives for the Forensic Minor.

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