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Certificate in Mental Health and Rehabilitation Technician - Community (MHRT-C)

Many UMFK students are interested in post-baccalaureate careers in Human or Social Services. The State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services has ten specific competencies for its certificate for Mental Health and Rehabilitation Technician-Community. These courses are not required to graduate from UMFK. They are required to be a certified mental health services provider in Maine. The complete regulations and applications for MHRT-C are available at

The MHRT-C certificate is granted through USM/Muskie center by the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services. The MHRT-C competencies can be mastered through several different pathways, such as coursework, employment, or agency-sponsored workshops.

MHRT-C courses are available at UMFK via ITV at our ITV center, via online, and via face-to-face, depending on semester.  Please note the MHRT competencies are by topic, not specific course title, so there may be alternate course titles for the competency, depending on university.  The certificates are issued through University of Southern Maine Muskie School.

There are 3 levels of MHRT-C certification.

A.  Level A: UMFK baccalaureates in Behavioral Sciences or Social Sciences meet the minimum for Level A.

B.  Level B Provisional: Level A, plus these additional 5 competencies.

  1.   SOC 110   Introduction to Community Mental Health
  2.   PSY 221    Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  3.   PSY 330    Interviewing and Counseling
  4.   PSY 234    Crisis Identification and Resolution
  5.   ANT 100   Cultural Competence/Diversity

The provisional license expires in 24 months.

C.  Level C Certificate (full and permanent): requires Level B competencies, plus these additional competencies

  1. PSY 233   Substance Abuse Counseling with Dual Diagnosis component
  2. PSY 270    Case Management
  3. PSY 412    Mental Health and Aging
  4. PSY 232    Sexual Abuse, Trauma, and Recovery
  5. PSY 246    Vocational Aspects of Disabilities

Internship: for students interested in this field of employment, we recommend at least 3 credits in PSY 397 Internship in Community Behavioral Mental Health. This internship requires SOC 100 or PSY 270 as a prerequisite.

Work experience equivalency: actual employment at a Social Services agency may be used as Credit for Past and Experiential Learning. One year of full-time employment as a social services provider is considered the equivalent of 3 credits in a MHRT competency such as Case Management. The specific equivalency depends on the specific work. The applicant’s work supervisor must request the waiver on the applicant’s behalf during the time of employment as a social services provider.

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