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Business Office

Cyr Hall • University of Maine at Fort Kent • 23 University Drive, Fort Kent, ME 04743

Third Party Information and Conditions

Students who have an employer or Third Party paying on their student account are required to provide proof of Third Party payment arrangements on, or before, the first day of classes in the semester in which courses are being taken. Notification will need to be done each semester, in writing, showing both the student and employers obligations. Examples of acceptable proof would be such items as a Purchase Order, Training Authorization, Tuition Assistance Authorization, etc. Failure to notify the Business Office on or before the first day of classes may result in the assessment of Late Payment Fees. Please note that any Late Payment Fees assessed due to failure to notify the Business Office will NOT be reversed. If the employer/Third Party refuses to pay the cost of the Late Payment Fees the responsibility falls to the student. If the employer/Third Party will only be covering a portion of the student's bill, the remaining balance will need to be paid by the student on or before the first day of classes unless other payment arrangements have been made.

Once proof of an employer/Third Party payer is received the students account will be coded with a Third Party Payer hold. This hold will stop any Late Payment Fees from being assessed to the portion of the bill covered by the employer/Third Party. Once payment is received from the employer/Third Party, the hold will be removed from the student's account. Please note: the student's account will reflect a balance owing until the employer/Third Party submits payment.

Please be aware that if the employer/Third Party refuses to pay the amount promised, the balance becomes the responsibility of the student and will be assessed a Late Payment Fee for every month it is not paid in full or arrangements aren't made.