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Payment Plan

Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

photo depicting a balance sheet with various bills and coins on top of itStudent accounts, for pre-registered students, are due one (1) week before the first day of classes. For students who are not pre-registered, account balances are due on the day you register for classes. However, in light of special financial circumstances, the University offers a monthly Payment Plan to qualified students. There is a non-refundable fee of $30.00 (per semester), which is applied along with your first payment.

Payments are generally calculated in four equal installments. The following is an example of how this works:

In December you receive a bill for $1,200.00. You would then divide the $1,200.00 into four equal payments of $300.00, plus the $30.00. Your first payment due would be $330.00. If your charges do not change, the remaining three payments would be $300.00.

If there are any changes to your invoice after your enrollment in the plan, for example, bookstore charges, financial aid, change of classes, etc., the subsequent payments will be adjusted and reflected on your remaining statements.

UMFK Payment Schedule Payment Due
Jan. 15 (spring) May 15 (summer) Sept. 15 (fall) 1st Payment Due
Feb. 15 (spring) June 15 (summer) Oct. 15 (fall) 2nd Payment Due
March 15 (spring) July 15 (summer) Nov. 15 (fall) 3rd Payment Due
April 15 (spring) Aug. 15 (summer) Dec. 15 (fall) 4th Payment Due

You are responsible for remitting payments on time, in accordance with the monthly payment plan schedule. A $50.00 late fee is charged each month if your balance is not paid in full. Payments may be made by cash, check, Visa, Debit Card and Master Card. We no longer accept American Express. 

Students who wish to participate in the payment plan may enroll online here (My.UMFK portal sign-in required). Alternatively, you may complete the printable payment plan form and return it to the UMFK Business Office along with your first payment due.