Business Management

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Student Learning Outcomes

The Business Management program prepares students for careers in business. The objectives of the program are that the graduate will be a knowledgeable, proficient, well-rounded, professional person who is literate, numerate, and analytical; this person will be appreciative of the arts and sciences as well as possess skills in interpersonal communication and leadership.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the principal concepts, theories, and practices in and describe the interrelationships between the functional areas of business, including accounting, marketing, finance and management;
  2. Identify and describe multicultural dimensions of management;
  3. Explain relevant theories and principles associated with the economic environment of business;
  4. Evaluate legal and ethical principles in business and apply them to organizational decision making;
  5. Apply quantitative methods and tools to business decision making;
  6. Explain concepts and practices in information technology systems and demonstrate fluency in their use;
  7. Construct coherent oral and written forms of communication and present them in a professional context; and
  8. Work effectively with diverse colleagues in team situations.