Business Management

On Campus Programs

* Note: The majority of "on-campus" degree courses may be taken online

Accounting Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management's Accounting concentration allows students the flexibility to obtain a university degree at their own pace and at their own convenience. The program fosters excellence in promoting and understanding of accounting and finance principles and applications as it relates to the accounting profession.

Finance Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Finance focuses the student's studies toward careers in investment banking, corporate finance, tax law, and market analysis.

Forest Management Concentration

The Forest Management concentration expands upon the knowledge gained by students who have completed an Associate of Science in Applied Forest Management. Students who opt to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in this program will develop skills relating to the business management side of the forest industry.

Healthcare Administration Concentration

The Healthcare Administration program gives students the background needed to be leaders in the healthcare field. Students will learn about healthcare information systems and security, privacy laws and ethics, healthcare policies, and financial management in the healthcare industry.

Associate of Arts in General Studies - Accounting

The Associate of Arts in Accounting degree will prepare students for entry-level positions in Business and Accounting. Students will develop the skills of the accounting profession to keep precise financial records, analyze trends, and plot future growth and strategies.

Associate of Arts in General Studies - Business Management

The Business Management Study Sequence provides the two-year student with opportunities to develop skills toward careers in Business. This program fits within the mission, goals, outcomes, and procedures of the four-year Business Management Program.

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