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Why Should I Consider a Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration?

February 5, 2018
Posted by: David Sands

Healthcare Administration | UMFK

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare field is projected to grow 18 percent from 2016 to 2026, creating about 2.3 million new jobs.1 While many may assume this just means a huge influx of surgeons and nurses, there is actually a wide variety of fulfilling positions available in the healthcare industry, from veterinarians to dental assistants and more! All these new professionals need new healthcare facilities where they can work, and every facility will need its fair share of healthcare administrators to keep the ship afloat. Pursuing a career in healthcare administration could be the best career move you’ll ever make.

What Is Healthcare Administration?

Physicians, medical assistants and nurses may put their medical knowledge to work for their patients, but to keep a hospital, office or other facility running smoothly, they need the help of a healthcare administrator. Administrators are responsible for the efficiency of healthcare facilities behind the scenes. From ordering more drug inventory to coordinating schedules, the healthcare administrator is the unsung hero of the hospital. Other duties may include:

  • Writing schedules
  • Accounting
  • Problem-solving with medical staff
  • Supervising marketing and social media
  • Developing and pitching unique services designed to best serve the local population

What Kind of Skills Can I Learn From the Field?

Healthcare administration is a rewarding and fast-paced field that can cultivate extremely marketable skills in those who choose to pursue it. In addition to learning medical terminology and medical staff dynamics, administrators have the opportunity to develop independence and management skills that remain relevant and desirable whether they dedicate their lives to healthcare or choose to move into a new industry. Healthcare administrators utilize the following skills daily.

  • Communication
  • Crisis management
  • Collaboration
  • Managing inventory
  • Adhering to legal regulations
  • Problem-solving
  • Cost cutting
  • Innovation of services
  • Organization
  • And more

What Are My Career Prospects After Graduating?

After you’ve graduated with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, your career prospects grow immensely. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare administrator positions are expected to increase 20 percent from 2016 to 2026, adding a whopping 70,000 new jobs to the pool by 2026.2

Healthcare administration remains one of the best paid healthcare positions in the industry. In 2016, the median wage for administrators was nearly $97,000 per year, or $46 per hour.2 With no on-the-job training like in other medical professions and less than five years of related medical experience expected to attain an administrative position, healthcare administration is one of the fastest ways to build a lucrative, fulfilling career in the healthcare industry – regardless of whether you choose to manage a hospital wing, nursing home or medical practice.

Want to use your diverse skill set to advance your medical career in other ways? A bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration can also provide you the tools to secure a position as a hospital executive, human resource contact, grant writer, patient security specialist and more!

Find Your Path at University of Maine at Fort Kent

Obtaining your degree in healthcare administration doesn’t have to be time-consuming or frustrating.

By opting to pursue an online degree like the Healthcare Administration program at University of Maine at Fort Kent, you can complete your coursework on your schedule, ensuring classes never interfere with child care, full-time work or any other commitments you’ve made in your life. Our faculty are knowledgeable, professional and well-rounded with real-world experience they aim to pass on to best prepare you for the rewarding career to come. Contact University of Maine at Fort Kent online to learn more about our available degree programs and the application process.