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Biology majors can not only gain broad training in biology, but can also develop a more detailed knowledge of a specific area of biological science. Students will complete all required and support courses for the biology major, and then also complete all courses necessary for the concentration.

Our concentrations prepare students for continued study in graduate and professional schools, as well as providing preparation for many other career goals including teaching, technical, and field positions. Each concentration consists of courses which provide depth in the principal aspects of the subject. These academic tracks provides a broad exposure in laboratory work and extensive experience in field situations.

Biology: Concentration in Biomedical Sciences

The biomedical sciences program concentration is designed for those interested in careers in healthcare, lab and field research, the biotech industry, or longer term plans to attend graduate school.

For those specifically interested in the healthcare industry, this concentration allows you to further enhance your biology major with the addition of pre-medical coursework that will apply to medical, dental, osteopathic, veterinary, physician assistant, nursing, physical therapy, or other science programs.

Interested in lab and field research, biotech, or graduate work instead? The concentration will more than prepare you for work as a forest ranger, state or federal agency technician, or research lab positions.

Biology: Concentration in Ecology and Conservation Biology

Ecology studies the distribution and abundance of organisms, the interactions between organisms, and the interactions between organisms and the physical environment.

Conservation biology is an applied science that focuses on conserving biological diversity and the restoration of degraded ecosystems. The University of Maine at Fort Kent is committed to a more sustainable world, and knowledge of conservation biology and ecology learned through our BS program in biological sciences with a concentration in conservation biology and ecology is one step of many required to help meet this global challenge.