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Meet Our Faculty

Peter Nelson
Peter Nelson

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies

Dr. Peter Nelson, Ph.D., has been an Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies Programs for six years. He has 16 years of teaching in the area of environmental science and biology. His areas of expertise to include community and vegetation ecology; lichenology; mycology; botany, arctic, alpine and temperate forest ecosystems. He has done extensive fieldwork in Alaska, Chile, the Pacific Northwest US, intermountain west US. His current research focuses on the study of vegetation with remote sensing using drones, airplanes and satellite data with special expertise and interest in “hyperspectral” imaging spectroscopy and spectroradiometry.

Dr. Nelson earned his BS in Resource Conservation from the University of Montana in 2004. He then earned his Ph.D. in Ecology from Oregon State University in 2013. He also conducted post-doctoral research in ecology at Oregon State.

He is an ORISE Research Fellow and the Lichen Air Quality Biomonitoring Coordinator for the National Forest Service since 2017.

Dr. Nelson enjoys playing with his daughter and mushroom foraging in the fall as well as hiking, camping, canoeing, and downhill and cross-country skiing. He occasionally fly fishes (though he claims he’s not good at it) in his backyard along the beautiful Fish River outside of Fort Kent.

Kennedy Rubert-Nason
Kennedy Rubert-Nason

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Kennedy “Ned” Rubert-Nason, Ph.D., Molecular and Environmental Toxicology, University of Wisconsin, 2008; B.S. in Environmental Chemistry, University of Virginia, 2002.

Dr. Rubert-Nason has been a Howard Hughes Teaching Fellow as well as a consistently published author.