Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science

Program Requirements

Disclaimer: The list below provides an example of requirements & suggested course sequencing for new students. Actual program requirements will vary depending on the date of enrollment in the program. Please consult the appropriate catalog for official degree/program requirements.

CRN Course Name Credits
ANT 100 Introduction to Anthropology 3 credits
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology 3 credits
SOC 110 Introduction to Human Services & Community Mental Health 3 credits
SSC 340 Research Methods 3 credits
  Upper Level Anthropology Course 3 credits
  Upper Level Psychology Courses 6 credits
  Upper Level Sociology Course 3 credits
Select either PSY 497 or SSC 440 & SSC 441
PSY 497 Community Behavioral Health Internship (Capstone) OR 9 credits
    SSC 440     Research Methods & Theory Seminar AND 3 credits
     SSC 441     Senior Research (Capstone II) 3 credits
Total 36+ credits

Required Support Courses

CRN Course Name Credits
SSC 241 Writing & Critical Analysis in Behavioral & Social Sciences 3 credits
MAT 351 Statistics I 3 credits

Required Additional Credits

18 Additional credits required through one of the following 3 options:

  1. Complete Behavioral Health MHRT-C Concentration
  2. Complete Substance Abuse Counseling Concentration
  3. Pre-graduate program studies in Anthropology, Sociology or Psychology. Upper level electives (18 credits) in the discipline of concentration.
  4. Complete a Minor (other than Behavioral Science)

Required Experiential Work

Students will be expected to work within the campus and local communities. The extra-mural service learning experiences will be part of the senior evaluation, and constitute the citizenship and social responsibility requirements of the general education core.