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Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science

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Behavioral and Social Sciences: Featured Alumni

Andrea Dumond
Andrea Dumond

Social Worker, Northern Maine Medical Center

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science degree from the University of Maine at Fort Kent in December 2015. When I began college, I was unsure of which field I wanted to pursue.  I started with general education courses and eventually earned my Associates degree in Criminal Justice in 2014.  I completed Behavioral Science courses simultaneously and quickly discovered that I thoroughly enjoyed the content and classes. The two majors paired well together, which will undoubtedly continue to benefit me in the future. As a native of Fort Kent, being able to stay close to home was a plus. I was able to work while attending college and my employers were flexible with my schedule. I was able to complete my internship with a social worker on the psychiatric units at Northern Maine Medical Center, which ended with me obtaining a job as a social worker with them.  I still work with them today and enjoy working with individuals with mental health disorders on a daily basis. The Behavioral Science program helped prepare me for my career as a social worker.  Having a professor that is a provider himself in the field was immensely beneficial. I share my experience with others who express interest in the Behavioral Science program at every available opportunity. With the skill set UMFK helped me build, I feel competent in my field and prepared to take on challenges as they occur.

Kayla Michaud
Kayla Michaud

MHRT-C, Aroostook Mental Health Center

I graduated in the Spring of 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Behavioral Science. During my time at UMFK, I was surrounded by a wonderful and efficient support system within the school. The classes were flexible towards my direct educational needs and allowed me to gain experiencing in the field, as I was able to obtain a fulltime job before graduation. My teachers and advisor worked along-side me to support my graduating in 3 years instead of 4, which allowed me the ability to fulfill my goal of furthering my education within a Master’s Degree program for Social Work. My experience as a UMFK student would not have been the same if faculty and classes would not have been as supportive as they were. Being a part of the UMFK alumni community is certainly an opportunity that I am often thankful for. This degree has allowed me to follow my passion and find a career that I truly am engaged and successful in. UMFK has graciously continued to allow me to be part of their active community by sitting on the Behavioral Science and Social Science Advisory Council, which supports my continued interest in the field, but also to help further education for the upcoming students in the program. I am beyond proud to say that I am a UMFK graduate.

Yosselin Berrueco
Yosselin Berrueco

Behavior Support Specialist, Children’s Group Home

I graduated from UMFK in Spring 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science and a minor in MHRT studies. When I was looking into universities, I was tempted to look at the national rankings or to stay local, but I thought this was not a great idea if I wanted to experience life in another state. While researching UMFK, I found the school to be very diverse. I was amazed by how many out of state students were attending UMFK. I come from a big city where there is a lot of diversity, so the school made me feel at home.

I chose UMFK because it is a small university. I feel that I learn better in a smaller class environment. To me size matters, and UMFK offers small class sizes, which is great because professors know who you are.

UMFK is very affordable, the dorms are in excellent condition, and their advisors help you in every way that they can to keep you on track with your studies. As long as you put effort in your classes, professors will help students succeed. UMFK developed my academic studies and network connections to be successful, making sure I had the right credits to graduate in my major and eventually lead to employment. The professional advising at UMFK helped me build ownership and critical thinking skills to achieve my spiritual, academic and professional goals.

At UMFK, I was able to build connections that lead me to finishing my internship back home in Monterey, CA. After graduating, I returned to California and accepted a position in the Behavioral Science field. My next goal is to finish my Master's in Education at the University of Monterey Bay (CSUMB).

I have truly enjoyed UMFK and the opportunities I have received.