Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician - Community (MHRT/C) Concentration

“The MHRT/Community Certificate meets the MaineCare “other qualified mental health professional” requirement for providing specific services to adults. Those services include community integration, intensive case management, assertive community treatment, skills development, day support services and family psycho-education as outlined in Chapter II, Sections 17 and 65 of the MaineCare Benefits Manual.”  * Procedural guidelines from Office of Adult Mental Health Services

Required Courses for MHRT/C Certification

  1. SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology or SOC 101 Social Problems (Cultural Competence/Diversity)
  2. SOC 110 Introduction to Human Services and Community Mental Health
  3. PSY 221 Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  4. PSY 232 Incest and Sexual Abuse
  5. PSY 233 Substance Abuse Counseling
  6. PSY 246 Vocational Aspects of Disability
  7. PSY 270 Case Management
  8. PSY 308 Lifespan Human Development
  9. PSY 330 Interviewing and Counseling
  10. PSY 344 Crisis Identification and Intervention