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About the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Program

Ultimate Flexibility!

The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program is specifically designed to meet your unique objectives.  Students that choose this degree are interested in a more general program of study that leads to a baccalaureate degree.   If you don’t intend to pursue a specific career path, but instead want to take courses that reflect either specialized or broad patterns of educational experience, then this program is for you.

In addition to the self-designed programs, students that enroll in this program may also follow the requirements of existing minors

A few guidelines are unique to this degree program due to the flexibility it affords:

  1. Students graduating with the BAS degree, regardless of the courses they have taken, are not required to complete a specified major or minor. Any student who meets the requirements for any approved major or minor may request that they be recorded on the transcript.

  2. Students who design a major and minor with the advice of a faculty advisor and the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs may have that major recorded on their transcript.

  3. Students enrolled in the BAS degree may take any course offered by the University for undergraduate credit, provided course prerequisites are satisfied or with permission of the instructor.

  4. Students may transfer at any time from the BAS degree to any other undergraduate program provided they meet the admissions requirements of the new program. Credits accrued in the BAS program will be applied as appropriate in the elected program.

  5. Students may transfer at any time into the BAS program provided they meet the grade point average required for transfer between degree programs.

Allied Health Concentration

The Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Allied Health is a completion degree for licensed or licensure eligible allied health graduates of associate degrees in the numerous allied health disciplines where there is no discipline specific bachelor degree available. This degree allows two-year health degree students the opportunity to advance in their chosen health profession or continue into a graduate program. The curriculum is designed as a “+2” degree allowing students to transfer 50 credits of their professional coursework.