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Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes

Upcoming Course: History of Acadia and the St. John Valley

Wednesday 6 pm to 8 pm - Jan 18, 25 and Feb 1, 8, 15, 2017
UMFK Powell Hall Room 123

Course Fee: $50 per person
CEU Fee: $50 additional per person

Instructor: Lise Pelletier - Director, Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes

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Important Information for Teachers

Teachers taking this course will receive free textbooks. A refund for course tuition and CEU fee is available from the Maine Acadian Heritage Council (if not fully covered by school district).


photo of Lise Pelletier, instructorLise Pelletier has been the director of the Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes at the University of Maine at Fort Kent since 2007. She graduated from the Université de Moncton, campus of Edmundston in 1993 with a double BA in English and French. She has a professional certificate from the State of Maine to Teach French K-12. She obtained her MA (thesis) in French from the University of Maine in 2002. She completed two years of coursework for a PhD in French. She has taught French at the Université de Moncton in Edmundston and at the UMFK campus as adjunct faculty. She also taught French at the Fort Kent Community High School for five years. Her area of expertise lies in the field of Acadian Literature and the context of Acadian history. For the past sixteen years, she has given lectures on Acadian History and Literature and on the history and culture of the St. John Valley’s Acadian people.


A survey of the history of Acadia and the St. John Valley in five weeks. The major topics are:

  1. The French Regime 1524-1713:  the founding of Acadie; patterns of immigration; the 1st permanent French settlement in America; “aboiteaux” or a 400 yr-old dyking system still used;
  2. The English Regime 1713 – 1763: Golden Age of Acadie;
  3. The Great Upheaval and Migrations 1755 – 1880: Le Grand Dérangement; Dispersion; Ethnic cleansing; Diaspora; Return to Acadie; Louisiana; Longfellow’s Evangeline
  4. Acadian Renaissance: Acadian history by Acadians; Education; Media; Politics, Literature and Art in Acadie of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada; Louisiana Cadiens
  5. Acadian Americans: The Aroostook Border Conflict; 1842 Boundary Treaty; Acadians become Americans; Politics; 19th and 20th Century Campaign of Hate against French Catholics in Maine
  6. The 2014 Acadian World Congress.


  • Faragher, John Mack. A Great and Noble Scheme.
        Available from Barnes and Noble and from both new and used; offered in paperback and hardcover.
  • Craig, Béatrice. The Land In-Between: The Upper St. John Valley, Prehistory to World War I.
        Available from the Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes. $30.00
  • Instructor’s handouts
  • Documentary DVD’s viewed in class

Weekly Readings:

  • 01/18: A Great and Noble Scheme: Introduction to Chapter 7 (page 208)
  • 01/25: A Great and Noble Scheme: Chapters 8 to 14 (page 415)
  • 02/01: A Great and Noble Scheme: Chapters 15 and 16 (page 480)
  • 02/08: Land In-Between: Introduction to p. 149
  • 02/15: Land In-Between: 150 to 356

For more information contact Lise Pelletier at 834-7536.

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