Allied Health

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Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, the graduate of the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Allied Health Upgrade Completion program will be able to:

  1. Function as a member of the health care team using appropriate health care language.
  2. Communicate effectively with patients and their families.
  3. Apply problem solving and critical thinking skills within the scope of their practice in coordination with team members to foster good patient outcomes.
  4. Demonstrate clinical competence while performing duties safely and effectively within their scope of practice, while treating patients with compassion, empathy, and respect.
  5. Exhibit professional behaviors and ethical decision-making consistent with that of contemporary health professionals.
  6. Utilize evidence-based practice to promote health, prevent disease, and manage illness for individuals, families, communities, and populations.
  7. Demonstrate leadership and management in decision making, delegation, and interdisciplinary collaboration to provide safe, coordinated, high quality care.
  8. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development