University of Maine Fort Kent - French and French Education
Program Requirements

The French major allows students to attain advanced proficiency in the areas of speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. All students are encouraged to partake in an immersion experience either through a semester or yearlong study abroad program or by taking at least one course at our sister university, the Université de Moncton Campus d’Edmundston located in Edmundston, New Brunswick, located 20 miles away.

French Major - Academic Requirements
CRN Course Name Credits
Fre 200 Advanced Composition I 3 credits
Fre 201 Advanced Composition II 3 credits
  Upper level French (Fre) electives 6 credits
  Capstone Project* 3 credits
Select two of the following courses
Fre 225 Civilisation Française I 3 credits
Fre 226 Civilisation Française II 3 credits
Fre 260 Civilisation française contemporaine 3 credits
Fre 312 Cinéma français 3 credits
Fre 410 Culture francophone de l’Amérique du nord 3 credits
Fre 486 La France d’aujourd’hui 3 credits
Select three of the following courses
Fre 302 Le théâtre français-canadien contemporain 3 credits
Fre 303 La Littérature Québecoise 3 credits
Fre 306 Littérature française: Moyen âge au 18ème siècle 3 credits
Fre 307 Littérature française: 19ème siècle jusqu’au présent 3 credits
Fre 310 Littérature franco-américaine 3 credits
Fre 350 Le Conte et la Nouvelle Française 3 credits
Fre 402 Littérature et culture francophone 3 credits
Fre 450 Le Roman Contemporain 3 credits
Fre 452 Le Théâtre Contemporain 3 credits
Total   30 credits

* This requirement is waived if the student chooses to spend a semester or year studying abroad at another francophone university. Students who participate in the Edmundston exchange program will meet with UMFK French faculty before and during the semester on exchange to discuss issues related to the immersion experience.

Note: Students may petition to have Fre 150 and Fre 151 count toward the French major.