Wood Identification Study Guide for Applied Forest Management Students (2nd Edition)

The following wood identification study guide is designed to assist forest technology students in identifying the wood of different tree species that are covered at the University of Maine at Fort Kent. The updated version now contains radial/tangential images as well as cross-sectional images contained in the original. All images are new and, for the most part are of much higher quality. Important macro-features useful for identification purposes are indicated and described in each image as they were in the original version.

I wish to make this resource available to all forest technology instructors and their students. Please feel free to use this guide as you wish in your classes. My only stipulation is that I receive credit for all images that appear in this guide. It is my intent in the future to add additional species. If you would like to add a species that you cover in class, please send me a small sample with a brief description of the species and I will add it to the guide. Any feedback in regard to this guide is appreciated.

Jeff Dubis
Instructor of Applied Forest Management
University of Maine at Fort Kent
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