Emergency Preparedness

Notification Systems

Outdoor Warning Siren System

The system consists of two sirens that warn the campus community of a major emergency. The siren will be activated by a member of the Emergency Management Team only for major campus emergencies that require UMFK community members to take some form of action for their safety. Example incidents in which the siren could be activated include (but are not limited to) bomb threat, shooter on campus, extreme weather, and chemical spills. When activated, the siren sounds three blasts followed by a brief message. When a UMFK community member hears the siren (3 blasts), he/she should listen to the message and follow instructions, seek information from a variety of sources, and wait for an "all clear" (1 blast) siren or message.

Immediately after sounding the siren, an Emergency Management Team member will also send an electronic communication via ConnectEd and web announcements/updates will be made as the situation allows.

Electronic Notifications (ConnectEd)

Immediately after sounding the alarm (if appropriate) a member of the Emergency Management Team will send an electronic message to personal emergency telephone numbers, University e-mail accounts and campus phones alerting the UMFK community of the event and providing initial response directives (Shelter-in-place, evacuate to specified location, etc.)

In order to ensure that your phone and email information to be used in case of a campus emergency is current, please log-in to the ConnectEd portal. You will need to enter your university email address (@maine.edu) and your student/employee ID number found in MaineStreet in order to log-in to the ConnectEd portal.

Web Bulletin

Immediately after sounding the alarm (if appropriate) and activating Connect-ED, a member of the Emergency Management Team will post an initial safety bulletin on the University homepage and on this site. Updates will be posted by the Public Information Officer or another team member periodically as information becomes available and the situation warrants.