About the Education Program

The University has been preparing future teachers for over 125 years. Founded in 1878, UMFK, formerly the Madawaska Training School, exclusively trained young men and women to be teachers. Our program prepares individuals to teach at the elementary (K-8) and secondary levels (7-12). UMFK offers students secondary certification in English/Drama/Language Arts and Mathematics. Our program offers a broad liberal arts background. Students complete general education requirements that allow them to develop competency, communication skills, and critical thinking. In addition, future teachers complete the professional education major.

Career Opportunities
You will find no other profession in which you can more profoundly affect the lives of others for the better. UMFK graduates have been named Maine State Teacher of the Year because of their outstanding ability to enhance the lives of students.

The education profession is more demanding and rewarding than ever. Placement opportunities are excellent in areas of the state and nation. Maine State Teacher Certification is reciprocally recognized in most states and in Canadian provinces.

If you want to become a teacher, if you want to help young people reach their full potential, UMFK will challenge you to become the best teacher you can be.

Student Teaching
Future teachers are required to spend time in elementary or high schools participating in the daily routines and activities that practicing teachers carry out with their students. This internship provides opportunities for UMFK students to teach under the guidance of a mentor teacher in cooperation with a university supervisor. Student teaching includes planning, implementing, and evaluating the teaching/learning process, along with classroom and management competency.

Students must apply for student teaching in order to secure a place in an elementary classroom or in a secondary classroom. During the semester before student teaching begins, students attend two mandatory meetings. One is the application meeting whereby students apply for student teaching, and the other is an orientation meeting, which prepares the student to enter the student teaching internship.